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The Shifters of Olsson's Pass Series

The Shifters of Olsson's Pass series is a (currently) three book Paranormal Romance series set in the fictional Rocky Mountain town of Olsson's Pass.  Each book is largely standalone, but connected through events and the town itself. You don't necessarily have to read them in order, but it helps!

Snowed In WIP14.jpg

Snowed In

When Ellen Watkins inherits her estranged grandmother's mountain property, she inherits Owen along with it.  Saved from a snowy death by the mysterious mountain man, Ellen needs to ride out a blizzard, get back down the mountain, and not fall for her rescuer - and at the same time, figure out why her father hates his childhood cabin so much.

And if that wasn't enough, there's that wolf's strange behaviour...

Available on Amazon and in other online stores.

WIP Cover 13.jpg

Smoked Out

Washington Jones is the enigmatic (and huge) chief of the Olsson's Pass Police Department - and head of the local clan of Bear shifters.  When people start dying, presumably torn apart by a wolf, Wash knows it doesn't look good for Owen, the only wolf shifter in the Pass.  He also knows it's exactly the wrong time to be distracted by Lisa Hamilton, a beautiful woman looking to start over.

But what the heart wants isn't easily denied.  Even when someone's coming for one of their own.

Available on Amazon and other online retailers

Tracked Down version 2 WIP6.jpg

Tracked Down

Angel didn't have a good start in life.  Kidnapped at an early age, she was raised as a pet to a raging narcissist, forced into a relationship with a man twenty years her senior, and used as bait.  And now she's free - and looking for revenge.

Now, the blue-eyed Arctic wolf must embark on a quest to find her son, bring down the trafficking ring that took her from her family and turned her into a fighting machine, and also deal with falling for a man with secrets of his own.

Available on Amazon

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